Long time me no write innit.

Well hi there its me again so did you miss me aye you have to admit you did.

well today its sunday and i went to church and yesterday was TOM and TRACY’S wedding i have to say they both looked amazing if you saw them you could see how much they love each other and how much they care about each other yesterday was a special day for them and both there family but one thing that made me smile and made me happy was when pastor Trevor began to preach about LOVE he said amazing stuff about love he told trecy and tom that two people could do more than what only one person can do and as a church we can do more together than we can do alone.

AND me as a teenager i think i have a crush on a guy but i have a feeling that i cant have him you know this things go u have a crush on a guy but you know that you and him could never be a thing but you still cant let go your friends keep telling you that you guys can make a good couple but inside you know that you will never be that good couple that your friends keep telling you you two can make. So yeah i know it sounds crazy but i know some of my friends that have crushes on guys i know but am not gonna mention any names cause i know they will probably kill me lol. But i wanna have a happy ENDING like TOM and TRACY one day in life.

Soooo yeah today is sunday and as i said i went church and DAN HUGHENS preached it’s so amazing how he could be so confident to preach in front of all those people in church his onley 14 years old and he gave his life to GOD how amazing is that most 14 years old boys in our days dont have time to go church they’d rather go kick a ball somewhere something like that. Today he was talking about a message that he got from GOD about christmas and its just amazing how a 14 year old boy called DAN HUGHES  can inspire about 50-100 people in a church.

Soooooooooooooo who is excited about christmas well i know i am even thou its not snowing yet am still excited cause christmas is not about snow and prezies well its about the birth of jesus christ and familys and friends getting together and having a laugh lol. 

alright guys thats all for today see ya’ll on my next post hope u like this one .


p.s remember God’s owesome.




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