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zsar {zsara wilson}

zsar the youngest one in wild our music group and one of my other close friends.zsara is diferent from any other 11 year old girls i see.she is just more marture and she does’nt act like a 11 year old girl she acts like a 13 year old.Thats why i love her couse she’s always with us and she’s always crazy about music every time she hears a christian music with a beat she will just gets up and start dancing.She loves music so much she wants to be a singer when she grows up she is really good at singing and dancing. if your sad she’s always there to put a smile on your face.she is weird but in a good crazy christian way.The one thing about her is she loves praising the lord.


{Fiona} Hannah Hughens

fiona is an amazing girl she is olso one of my best friends in the world she’s like a sister to me.She’s funny cleaver caring just like saff beutiful and many more things.She is really talented her voice sounds amazing when she’s singing she thinks she cant sing but i belive she can.SHE IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH PURPLE.

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xaphire chilson…

xaphire chilson {saphire wilson}

xaphire chilson my best friend in the whole world she is an amazing caring funny girl that cares about everyone around her.I love this girl couse she is very talented friendly and thing about her is that she loves worshiping God. AND SHE’S OLSO BEUTIFUL.

My first post!

Hello everyone.

This is my new blog!

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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